Seven Key Differentiators between HPE Nimble Storage AF and Pure Storage FlashArray //X

DCIG’s latest Pocket Analyst Report examines HPE Nimble Storage AF Series and Pure Storage FlashArray //X all-flash arrays. 

DCIG recently updated its research on the dynamic and growing all-flash array marketplace. In so doing, DCIG identified many similarities between the HPE Nimble Storage AF Series and Pure Storage FlashArray //X products; beginning with a dramatically better customer experience through radically simplified storage management.

DCIG also identified seven significant differences between these products. This 4-page DCIG report compares key features of both products and identifies which product has the edge in each area.

This report normally costs $99.95 for individual use, but is temporarily available free of charge with registration, thanks to sponsorship by a TechTrove marketplace vendor.

Price: $99.95
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