DCIG Pocket Analyst Report: Differentiating between the Dell EMC Data Domain and ExaGrid EX Systems … $99.95

This 4-page DCIG report compares key features found on the Dell EMC Data Domain and ExaGrid EX Systems deduplication backup target appliances and identifies which product has the edge in each area.

Deduplication backup target appliances remain a critical component for today’s corporate data protection strategies and appliances from Dell EMC Data Domain and ExaGrid often top the list of appliances best suited for deduplicating backup data. However, these two providers take very different architectural approaches to deduplicating data that can have a direct impact on how fast and effective a company is in protecting their data. Using this succinct, 4-page report that includes a detailed product matrix, DCIG provides insight into six key differentiators between these two families of products and which one is best positioned to deliver on key data center considerations such as:

  1. Data Center Efficiency
  2. Deduplication Options
  3. Networking Protocols
  4. Recoverability
  5. Replication
  6. Scalability

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Updated June 2018

Price: $99.95

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