November 2017

A Modern Day IT Reformation is Underway

As human beings we have a proclivity to believe that whatever it is we as an individual or as a society experience, we are the first to go through an event like it. By way of example, corporate IT is undergoing a transformation as enterprises change IT to better align it with the broader business. Ironically, this IT reformation takes place on the 500th anniversary of a more well-known reformation that occurred in 1517.

Keys to Unlocking Business Value in Next-Generation All-Flash Arrays

Next-generation all-flash arrays will provide dramatic improvements in performance and density over the prior generation of all-flash arrays. These new levels of performance and density will bring the benefits of real-time analysis to a whole new set of problems and organizations, creating tremendous value. They will also enable organizations to achieve significant budget savings through a fresh wave of data center consolidations. But unlocking the ability of any next-generation array to deliver these savings depends on a key set of features that enable workload consolidation and simplified management.

Four Flash Memory Trends Influencing the Development of Tomorrow’s All-flash Arrays

The annual Flash Memory Summit is where vendors reveal to the world the future of storage technology. Many companies announced innovative products and technical advances at the 2017 Flash Memory Summit, giving enterprises a good understanding of what to expect from today’s all-flash products today as well as a glimpse into tomorrow’s products. These previews into the next generation of flash products revealed four flash memory trends sure to influence the development of the next generation of all-flash arrays.