What is TechTrove?

TechTrove is a social media enabled business-to-business marketplace for experts and expert insight. We’re here to foster the creation and discovery of credible, independent expert insight, for professionals working in Enterprise Information Technology.

Why TechTrove?

Let’s admit it, the current analyst market isn’t working! The majority of content, being created and used as a basis for buying decisions, is largely constrained by what vendors will directly sponsor - so the only products that get written about are the products that vendors especially want to promote.

Consequently, creating independent, even-handed content is a high-risk endeavor for analysts and other Independent Content providers, with limited options for making a living and building a business.

Why TechTrove now?

Research has shown that IT professionals use an average of twelve documents in order to make a buying decision; But wait, what percentage of that data can be trusted, in the current market? How long before ‘Fake News’ stories lead to ‘Fake Content’ disasters?

We can see that the value of independent expert views and knowledge is at an all time high and it’s clearly time to do better than the status quo.

TechTrove provides a platform for content providers to sell credible, independent, expert insight at a fair market price. Connecting IT professionals and vendors, with independent content providers, for the first time, in a market that ensures a profitable future for everyone.