Eight Key Differentiators between Dell EMC VxRail and Nutanix NX Appliances

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This 4-page DCIG report compares key features found on the Dell EMC VxRail and Nutanix NX appliances and identifies which appliance has the edge in 8 areas for enterprises looking to create a hybrid cloud.

Hyper-converged infrastructure appliances (HCIAs) radically simplify the next generation of data center architectures. Combining and/or virtualizing compute, memory, stor­age, networking, and data protection func­tions from a single vendor in a scale-out cluster, these pre-integrated appliances accelerate and simplify infrastructure deploy­ments and management. As such, the stakes are high for Dell EMC and Nutanix who are competing to own this critical piece of data center infrastructure real estate.

Using this succinct, 4-page report that includes a detailed product matrix, DCIG provides insight into eight key differentiators between these two appliances and which one is best positioned to deliver on key enterprise cloud and data center considerations such as:

  1. Breadth of ecosystem
  2. Data center storage integration
  3. Enterprise applications certified
  4. Licensing
  5. Multi-hypervisor flexibility
  6. Scaling options
  7. Solution integration
  8. Vendor stability

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