Ascending into the Cloud: Seven Key Features to Consider when Evaluating the VMware vSphere and Nutanix AHV Hypervisors … $99.95

This updated 4-page DCIG report compares key features found on the Nutanix AHV and VMware vSphere hypervisors and identifies which hypervisor has the edge in each area when running on a Nutanix HCIA solution.

Many organizations view hyper-converged infrastructure appliances (HCIAs) as foundational for the cloud data center architecture of the future. However, as part of an HCIA solution, one must also select a hypervisor to run on this platform. The VMware vSphere and Nutanix AHV hypervisors are two common choices but key differences between them persist. Using this succinct, 4-page report that includes a detailed product matrix, DCIG provides insight into seven key differentiators between these two hypervisors and which one is best positioned to deliver on key cloud and data center considerations such as:

  • Data protection ecosystem
  • Support for Guest OSes
  • Support for VDI platforms
  • Certified enterprise applications
  • Fit with corporate direction
  • More favorable licensing model
  • Simpler management

To learn which of these two hypervisors best deliver on these respective enterprise data center considerations, complete the form and click on the “Submit” button to purchase this report.


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