Why I am excited about TechTrove

I am pleased to submit the first analyst report to be made available on TechTrove.

What is TechTrove?

TechTrove is a social media enabled business to business marketplace for experts and expert insight. Its goal is to foster the creation and discovery of credible, independent expert insight about technology products, especially enterprise IT.

TechTrove emerged from discussions between Brian Gardner, the founder and CEO of TechTrove, and the DCIG management team. As the outlines of TechTrove emerged, it became clear that TechTrove could not be the offering of any existing analyst firm. As a result, DCIG stepped back from the idea of running TechTrove and became its first customer instead.

Why TechTrove?

The current structure of the analyst market does not serve the needs of any participant as well as it should. Content creation is largely constrained by what vendors will directly sponsor, so the only products that get written about are the products that vendors especially want to promote. Consequently, creating independent, even-handed content is a high-risk endeavor with limited options for making a living and building a business.

Why TechTrove now?

We can do better than the status quo.

Problem: The structure of the analyst marketplace restricts the creation and discovery of credible, independent, expert insight.

Solution: TechTrove, the social media enabled business-to-business marketplace that will foster the creation and discovery of credible, independent expert insight by enabling analysts to:graphic of virtual marketplace plus social media

  • capture much more value from the content they create
  • build their brand (a recognizable, credible voice) in the marketplace
  • reach more people

TechTrove gives analysts new opportunities to make money from content you already create. The analyst controls the content, sets the prices and receives most of the revenue. The platform is funded through commissions on transactions, and a share of the revenue from lead gen campaigns.

TechTrove gives analysts the opportunity to create more of what you love and love more of what you create. How?

First, TechTrove reduces the distractions associated with running a business by enabling each content provider to establish a presence and a voice on the TechTrove web site. TechTrove aggregates and assists in marketing this content, so you can focus on creating great content.

Second, TechTrove creates a viable marketplace for unsponsored content that shifts the analyst market toward unsponsored content creation.

Who needs this kind of independent, credible expert insight?

Many people including technology buyers, agencies, vendors, investors and press/media. In every case, these individuals and organizations are looking for authentic insight to help guide buying decisions. TechTrove will give them what they need, by both fostering the creation of this content and by bringing this content together in a social media enabled business-to-business marketplace. 

How do you get involved? 

Become a TechTrove User. Use the available products and commentary to make better-informed purchasing decisions. Access to some products may be sponsored by one or more TechTrove participants in exchange for your contact information. This exchange of value will be disclosed to you up front, before you download the research. Products may also be available for purchase.

Become a TechTrove Member.  Membership is free and enables you to participate in the TechTrove community. Not only can you take advantage of the available products and commentary, you can share insights based on your own experiences with a product, and take advantage of member-only offers. 

Become a TechTrove Author. If you are an industry analyst or domain expert, you can increase your audience and your income opportunities by becoming a TechTrove member and author at no cost to you. After creating your TechTrove login, let TechTrove know that you want to become a TechTrove author.

Become a TechTrove Sponsor. If you are a marketing agency or vendor, you can participate in the TechTrove marketplace by leveraging TechTrove's independent insight to identify prospective customers for your clients, sales teams and channel partners. Participating agencies may also offer services through TechTrove. Contact TechTrove for more information.